Hello. Thanks for stopping by and welcome. I'm Jay a Gainsborough Lincolnshire based Documentary Wedding Photographer, covering Lincolnshire , Nottinghamshire and the rest of the UK!

When investing in your wedding photography you are also investing in me and my ability to capture your day in a non obtrusive manner as creatively as I possibly can tailored to your wants and needs.

I want to hear your story, I want to know what you LOVE about each other,
how you met all the details...


Each and every wedding is as unique as the couple's getting married, they all have their own unique style every day is it's very own unique story and personality YOUR wedding photo's should represent YOU!
That is why it is such an honor and privilege to work towards a shared vision of how you wish to remember your wedding day!
Your Wedding isn't all about photographs nor should it be all about posing endlessly for hours on end, let's capture the essence of your day the real people the real personality and the real memories.

Let's tell a story! Your story , Your way !