Weddings reimagined in Black & white

Anyone who knows me or even follows my personal work will know that I have a huge love for Black & White photography, in fact I shoot with a black and white setting as my default as it allows me to strip away the distraction of colour and instead focus on the emotion of the moments and the tonality of light... plus its very real raw sort of timeless.

So I thought hey why not show some of my black and white wedding photography from over the last year as well as a sort of compilation of some of the more documentary / reportage style photographs. I may also waffle on a little... so reading goggles time!

 Scunthorpe wedding photographer

My shooting style tends to sway towards Documentary Wedding Photography, capturing those candid unposed moments, moments that are unfiltered, now why do I prefer this approach?

The answer is pretty simple traditionally people tend to favour the more formal posed photographs and its become somewhat of an institution, however I have also been on the other side of the camera and in my own experiences I really do not like posing for photos it takes away from the moment and rather than documenting what is unfolding it simply manufactures a moment, don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with posed photographs but my preference where possible is to cater to those who prefer the real moments in between.

 Lincoln wedding photographer

I don't want to make you stop and take time out of what is your day to create moments, your day is awesome just the way it is and so while enjoying your wedding like a guest with a fancy camera my aim is to document and capture moments as they unfold.

 documentary wedding photographer lincoln

In order to help facilitate the documentary wedding photography style I have also downsized my equipment, many may be shocked to see just how small my camera is however nothing breaks from the feeling of a moment quite like a huge hulking camera with an almighty thunking sound as the shutter clicks as it is raised up to my eye.

 wedding photographers lincolnshire

Now the downsizing of equipment doesn't mean a step backwards in image quality, with recent developments in camera technology without getting into technicalities that will scramble your noodle we now have more technology crammed into smaller than ever cameras.

 dancing wedding guest | photojournalist wedding photographer lincoln

Does this mean all my photographs are in black and white? heck no photographs are judged on their own individual merit as to if they would better suit colour or black and white and I'm always open to delivering alternatives to all my clients if they should request them.

Mark and Sophie Secret Garden Gringley on the Hill_25.jpg

So to round this waffling on up a little, how does my approach effect the photographs taken and your experience?

Assuming the role of guest with a fancy camera there to enjoy your day with you and your guests helps makes everyone feel much more at ease, it also allows for more natural feeling photographs that represent what it was like to be at your wedding from a guests or even your own perspective to a certain degree so when my clients look back they don't see a bunch of forced smiles and friends and family who have no idea what to do with their hands while posing. I want you to enjoy your day without interruption or having to "make time" for photo's just be you be comfortable be happy and I will do what I do best.

If my approach to Documentary Wedding Photography or any of these images really speak to you and you would like to discuss your wedding photography needs head over to our home page and contact us today and I will personally work on putting together a bespoke package to suit your needs.