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I'm happy to announce that our books are open for the years 2018 , 2019 and 2020 although the year is not quite over it has been a brilliant year so far, I have had the pleasure of working alongside so many lovely couple's, a variety of styles of weddings from the more traditional , to stately homes, to registry offices and also some more eclectic venues but the one thing they have all had in common is that emotion, the connection and being able to not only witness that but document and capture it is an immense privilege that I am very grateful for.

 Newark and Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

So how has this year been and what changes are in store?

Over the last year the business has changed a little, why? well because I listen to feedback and so far 100% positive reviews and positive feedback, my clients have responded very well to a more documentary / photo journalistic approach , I have even had owners of venues pull me aside to thank me for being like a documentary photography ninja remarking that it is refreshing to have a photographer at their venue who isn't barking orders in every direction, this very same sentiment has been shared by my clients which has emboldened the decision to work more in an unposed way and really gear the way I work and the service I provide towards Documentary Wedding Photography


 Newark and Nottinghamshire wedding photographer

So moving forward I want to provide more of what draws people to my wedding photography services because your feedback really does have an impact, it really does mean something, I pride myself on offering a very simple straightforwards service no fluff no gubbins no sneaky sales pitches or upselling.

It really is as straightforwards as contacting us, filling out some simple booking forms, pay a retainer fee and done, I also offer to meet my couple's prior to their wedding date should they wish too, or even if you would like a pre wedding / engagement photo session we can sort that out too after that it's simply a case of enjoy your wedding day while I buzz around and mingle like one of your guests capturing all those wonderful moments documentary style.

 Newark and Nottinghamshire wedding photographer
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