How booking your wedding photography with us works

Today's blog post aims to clear up a few questions we sometimes get asked in respect to booking in with us.

So how does it all work step by step?

Firstly folks normally find us in a range of places, maybe you found us on our Facebook Page

or maybe you found our Packages page

maybe you found us via Google

No matter where you found us we usually begin by thanking you for inquiring after all manners cost nothing right

Often the first port of call question wise is to ask about prices, our prices are a very simple straight forward process....

only a few things make the price you are offered vary, firstly the range of coverage you would like in your wedding photography package, are you wanting a full days worth of coverage from bridal preparations through to the very end of the night as the celebrations wind down? or would you prefer from arrival at your wedding venue through to the end of the nights celebrations?

I ask a few questions simple ones I promise and take a slightly different approach I ask your budget for wedding photography, now this may seem rude to some or a little odd to others but there is a reasoning behind it, not everyone is blessed with a whole bunch of money you may have a small budget you may have a high budget, if you have a smaller budget I may be able to offer a stripped down version of my services or less coverage I try find a way to say yes where possible.

Secondly would you like your choice of coverage to include a Wedding Album as we can tailor your wedding package to include an album and provide options for it's design to make it truly unique and representative of you as a couple.

Then all that is left is paying a retainer fee and we are all good to go to document your day!

 wedding album

See we told you it was simple!

Our Packages page includes the option to email us to discuss alternatively there is a form option which asks a few questions which allows us to get to know a few details as well as get to know you as a couple a little better, because knowing a little about who you are as a couple is something that can greatly improve the overall quality of the service we provide.

Each of our Packages include a digital gallery for family and guests with high resolution digital downloads enabled at no extra charge! these are built individually and are super easy to navigate on both computer or mobile devices. Simplicity is key to make things as easy and straightforwards as possible, we find these really do take the hassle out of sharing your precious moments with the people you care about!

 digital gallery

Also included as of October 2017 are our hand crafted wooden keepsake boxes, each one of these boxes are as unique as our couple's right down to the fine wood grain texture, every box comes complete with a USB with your entire gallery and wedding slideshow accompanied by 10 6x4 fine art prints that tell the story of your day and are a great way to display your wedding photographs around the home, after all the home is where the heart is right!

If you would Like to find out more information or have any questions let us know we are always on hand to help , no question is a silly question when it comes to one of the most important days of your life! Feel free to contact us here on the button below or head to our main page.