Lincolnshire Wedding Venue Review | The Secret Garden Gringley-on-the-Hill

One of the awesome things about my job is the fact I get to visit some pretty funky places while working, one such place is the Secret Garden in Gringley.

Tucked seemingly out of the way in a quiet spot in the Lincolnshire countryside is this not so little gem.

As you drive down the driveway you are met with a beautiful hand painted sign and amazingly well crafted and kept gardens.

The beauty of this place lays in the details, from the moment you enter the venue you are greeted by warm and friendly staff, a team of staff that are unlike many in that they seem more like a tight knit family, all polite and courteous and happy to help.

As you go deeper into the venue you are met with a million and one details that are quirky and fascinating but all look as if they belong because the creativity and attention to detail is truly astounding!

No matter where you look there is something new which really does lend itself to the wondrous nature of the Secret Garden.

Every thought has been given to those who visit, ample seating, plenty of space for guests to spread out comfortably.

The Secret Garden also has multiple bars so say for example you had a large wedding party and you really would like a drink this may pose a issue for many venues as many have one bar, not the Secret Garden!

 Lincolnshire Wedding Venue | wedding photographer Lincolnshire

The venue truly is an extraordinary place that allows for your entire ceremony through to your reception to be held on site, Comprising of several gardens, multiple bars, a wonderful conservatory where ceremonies are held with plenty of seating, catering, a marquee for the reception portion of your wedding day and much more, while this may sound like a lot to comprise of the venue is large and at no point do you feel cramped or over crowded its simply a seemless transition from one area to the next, from indoors to outdoors.

 Lincolnshire Wedding Venue | wedding photographer Lincolnshire

Below is a slide show showing some further details of this venue, a wedding venue which in my humble opinion is at the top of the pack, why you may ask?

the grounds are immaculate, each area has something new to discover, an amazing amount of space and importantly the owner and staff team behind the venue ensure that your time at the Secret Garden is an enjoyable one there is so much passion and thought and heart that has gone into this amazing Lincolnshire Wedding venue.

Quite simply this is an absolute Gem that this county can truly be proud of

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