Value that can't be measured

This blog entry is not about wedding photography but at the same time very much relates to wedding photography.

A Couple of years ago I nearly lost my mum, she was seriously ill in hospital and had to undergo serious surgery, in all honesty the most terrifying time I've ever gone through just the thought of my mom not being here is truly scary... thankfully she recovered and upon doing so unbeknownst to me or my two brothers decided to undertake a task.

This task was to compile our childhood photographs into albums, each of us have an album but each album has different photos of moments documenting us from birth and growing up.

This album more so than anything else is my most treasured possession!


This album to me represents the care and attention my mom paid to documenting moments, and not just moments but also the people of importance in our lives.

As we get older things change, people move apart, some come some go, some sadly pass away and we are left with memories but as we get older those memories get fuzzier sometimes we are able to recall things when someone reminds us of a particular moment, sometimes those memories are lost to time.

To lose memories to time is an incredibly sad thing and unfortunately is often considered as just being a fact of life, having this album I can delve back into those memories moments such as riding my first bike, welcoming one of my little brothers home from the hospital when he was born, birthdays and cakes my mom had made, my incredible fascination with batman that sticks with me to this day (although I no longer dress up and ride a tricycle) and setting off fireworks from the most southerly part of Britain at the turn of the millennium.

I'm not going to throw a wedding photography sales pitch at you instead please just take this away with you...

Document all the amazing moments that make up your lives, document the incredible moments with your kids be it making cookies together, building igloos, document the people you care about because one day those moments will be memories and memories are incredibly important they tell the story of who we were, why you are who you are and it also tells the story of the person who cares enough about you to document all of those moments and that is an incredibly beautiful thing!


Thank you mom :)