Carrie & Georgina | The Reindeer Inn | Documentary Wedding Photography

Mrs & Mrs Dodge .... the wedding of Carrie & Georgina, every so often you have a couple who know exactly what they want, Carrie and Georgina are one of those couple's they knew they wanted a Documentary style approach and we ran through a few details in preparation, it was at this meeting I could see they were totally in sync with each other, knowing looks to one another when agreeing on the smallest of details, the smiles and the look in the eye.

Fast forward to their wedding day and both ladies full of excitement, anticipation of what was to come. Each step, each detail everything planned with precision and the upmost care and thought, everywhere you look smiling faces and details that come from a place of feeling from emotion!

Throughout the whole day the atmosphere could only be described as electric, The Reindeer Inn filled with family, friends and well wishers all there with the singular incredible purpose, to witness and celebrate the union of two families.

As the night moved on, tears and laughter in abundance ...speeches, cake cutting all the hallmarks of a wedding, later on the celebrations would continue complete with live music a post wedding party with amazing energy and happiness.

All of these things from my humble eyes perfectly sum up the day and Carrie & Georgina as a couple, from being in sync, to the heartfelt details, the smiles, the laughter, the tears of joy.

Congratulations Mrs & Mrs Dodge!

here is a little advanced preview!