Questions to ask your wedding photographer

So lets just jump right into it shall we? I often frequent various Facebook groups pertaining to photography in particular wedding photography or various vendors for such, I have noticed a bit of an ongoing trend ... a lot of soon to be brides are a little confuzzled regarding the kinds of things they should ask their prospective wedding photographers, I can understand its a bit of a bamboozling subject and if you are not well versed it can be more than a tad daunting.

So I figure hey why not put together a brief list of a few things to consider when asking your photographer questions to see if they are indeed the right fit for you!.

Are you getting the same photographer whose work you have seen on their website?

Again this may seem strange however wedding photographers often work in pairs or as a team as is the case with some larger companies, so you want to be sure that the look and the style that you have seen is going to represent what you will receive.

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What is the plan should it rain?

We live in sunny ol England and we aren't daft right? it rains a lot sometimes real heavy, so does your photographer have a plan? do you or they have umbrellas? are you going to have to shoot the rest if not all of your photos indoors? ( I personally love the rain it can make for some amazing photos if you have a couple brave enough!).

How long does it take to get your finished photographs back?

I often see a break down of communication on from brides and photographers in this regard, this really should be pretty straightforwards and set out long in advance of your wedding day but it if not it's most definitely worth asking if you do not already know, some photographers turn photos around in days, others a week or two and some a couple of months! it all varies which leads me into the next question rather nicely.

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How much post processing (editing) goes into a wedding and do the photographs in their portfolio match what they deliver to their clients?

Now this one may strike you as an odd thing or a peculiar statement why wouldn't the photos on the website match what is delivered to the client? Well many photographers attend workshops led by more experienced photographers in their chosen field and scenarios with models and such are set up, often photographers will market these images to gain new clients, now with all the time in the world or a huge team perhaps each wedding they shoot may look like that but your average photographer.... maybe not so ask if they are representative of the final product delivered I recently saw a bride commenting about how disappointed she was with her photos her photographer had delivered for this very reason.

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Ok that's that tangent dealt with but it was an important one now back on track....

Some photographers will deliver images right out the camera with no editing, others will do minimal such remove the odd blemish, and then you have those whose style involves heavy post processing work but may deliver a unique style that really resonates with you and catches your eye, none of these mentioned are bad or something to avoid they are all just different and subject to personal taste, they do however have a bearing on how quickly your photos are delivered.

Why are prices so different between photographers this one guy does everything for £150 but this guy does this for £1500

Simple answers on this one, price can often equate to quality but this is not always the case, be sure to really look at someone's work and make your own mind up however I will say anyone reputable will have things in place such as being insured both for themselves and their equipment ... damage/loss/theft etc but they will also have liability/indemnity insurance so should something go horribly wrong then you have the safety net of insurance to cover things, things like this add up, also factoring into costs is the amount of time spent during the whole process as well as equipment, travel, correspondence , training the list is endless . As previously stated some folks breeze through in a couple of days or even on the day others it may take weeks and they may be designing an album and preparing prints all of this takes time and costs money, would you rather a cowboy who charges little or a professional who dedicated their time to you and your wedding photographs because once the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten ... and those lovely little cocktail sausages and the cheese chunks with pineapple on sticks ( where did they go? people need to do more of those! that is definitely being included in my future contracts!) your photos along with your marriage are the things that last and do you really want to look back and think ooooo maybe I should have stretched the budget a little bit more because eeek yup you know what I mean.

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What is included in your wedding photography package?

This may seem like an obvious one but make sure you are clear on what you will receive and when, your wedding photographer should have no problem letting you know and detailing it in their contract with you! do you have digital files? do they come on a usb? (avoid dvd's they are going the way of the VHS tape! you don't want to be scrambling to find a dvd player 20 years from now dvd's are great tea coasters but they are far from future proof!) Do you have to pay extra to have them without watermarks? not my cuppa this one but to each their own.

Last but not least my favourite... wanna put someone on the spot? ask them why do they photograph weddings!

The answers to this vary from person to person there is no right answer but I'm sure the answer they give will either resonate with you or it wont

So that's it that's my rambles done if you have reached this far then you are an absolute diamond and I'm sure your well prepared to engage in a Spanish inquisition style barrage of questions

If you have any questions for me feel free to fire away I'm fueled by caffeine and will happily chat away until the wee hours, even if you don't choose me as your wedding photographer I hope this has helped you in some way