Show more of what you love and updates!

So there is a theory doing the rounds that if you show more of what you love then it attracts more of it .

I think that is a pretty cool concept , I love nothing more than documenting the happiest moments of people’s lives and being able to present them with the means to relive those moments time and time again.

Personally I love black and white it removes the distraction of colour but also highlights the feel and emotion of the moment.

As of today I am opening up dates for the next few years! So that’s 2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 .

2019 is already looking like the busiest year on record and 2018 is not far behind. 

My approach is a simple one , Documentary wedding photography , no nonsense , relaxed , no posing endlessly for hours , just documenting all those wonderful moments and the amazing moments in between.




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