Sophie & Mark Boscolo | The Secret Garden Gringley on the Hill | Gainsborough Wedding Photographer

Today I want you to come on a journey...

This journey is one of happiness, it is one of connection, it is a journey that joins two families and one that is full of love and emotion!

Tucked away somewhere quiet in the Lincolnshire countryside is a wonderful little place called The Secret Garden

It is this place that Sophie & Mark chose to celebrate all of these wonderful things while surrounded by those nearest and dearest to their hearts


from intimate moments of his best man helping him prepare, to the display of details that speak to their personalities and feelings,

this truly was a spectacular wedding with the added bonus of some extra wedding guests who both amused and delighted the guests

so come with me take a look! feel those feelings because the happiness radiates like warm sunshine!

Enough from me here are a few words from Mark himself,  words that echo true as you look through the photos of their day.

It means the world to me that I can call Sophie my wife. She is how a companion should be. Always there to comfort me when I am having an off day and always knows just how to put a smile on my face. The wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. Beautiful weather, incredible venue and happy guests. Although we have always had a positive relationship, that day has taken it to a new level.
— Mark


Introducing Mr and Mrs Boscolo

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