Unplugged Weddings and Mobile phones

Now there are a million and one blog posts regarding this particular topic... yep yawn here is one more.

Some couples opt for an "unplugged wedding" what this means is that they ask guests to refrain from bringing or at least using digital devices such as cameras, mobile phone and tablets during their wedding day ... an unplugged day.

Others opt to not really give a monkeys and let everyone snap away.

Some photographers get really irritated with guests getting in the way or the sea of mobile phones and tablets on display during ceremonies and throughout the day... I am not that moaning photographer!

In my humble opinion your guests are there to share your day with you! that includes making and documenting their own memories throughout the day.

So I also like to play a game of lets see how many photos I can get of your guests and family and friends making and documenting their own memories, they have actually proven to be quite popular too .

So whatever you decided, "plugged in or Unplugged" just enjoy your day if your photographer is worth their salt then uncle bob with his samsung galaxy giant tablet isn't going to be an issue or hindrance to them getting the "shot"

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