why choose a professional?

A lot of folks often ask the question... "why choose a professional?" or "why does wedding photography cost the amount it does?"

So lets have a little look at the reasons why.

1. skill sets

so what do I mean when I say skill sets? many are under the impression that photography is often a case of point and click, this is a very big myth.

Before your wedding day rolls around there are a huge number of skills in play, customer service is just one but one of the skills you benefit from, we have to find clients and once we have found interested clients or they have found us our work is only just beginning.

It's our job to provide the service that not only do you expect but the level of service you deserve, this can mean answering questions or concerns or even going over details with you, this all takes time but you know what? it's totally worth it because it means you end up with the wedding photographs and the wedding photographer you deserve capturing those moments.

it also takes a long time to develop the skills required to photograph a wedding, after all it is a one day only deal and there are no re-do's so we have to get it right and get it right first time!

so this means learning all sorts of things such as lighting, both natural and artificial, posing, how to document your day and constantly be on the move ready for anything, even changes in lighting can throw some less experienced folks for a loop. even working with groups of people and organizing so we make sure you get the family formals.

when your wedding day is over our job does not end there either, we have to process photographs and this is also a skill that takes time to learn, each photograph is given great attention to detail to make sure that everything looks at its best using the latest photo editing software, often going through thousands of photographs this is time consuming but us photographers take great pride in the photographs we take and deliver because ultimately alongside our customer service skills it is the photographs we are judged on and they have to be of the highest standard for you because they are something to be treasured for a lifetime and that is super important!

2. Costs

As photographer s a great deal of time as well as expense is invested in the latest equipment and often in multiples too, imagine if your photographer was shooting your wedding and their camera broke .... devastating right? well professionals carry back ups of most of their equipment cameras included so should the worst happen all is not lost we just carry on, so we have the cost of a whole bunch of equipment. not forgetting the amount of money invested in education over the course of many years!

we have equipment insurance, public liability and public indemnity insurance this way you have peace of mind and it ensures we are held accountable too in fact many venues will not allow photographers to shoot unless they can provide proof of varying types of insurance, of course this is dependent on the venue.

We also require pretty powerful computers to process your images, many photographers have a separate workstation especially dedicated to this task, we have software we have to purchase and that soon adds up too.

A typical wedding day runs anything from 8-10 hours plus travel but our work begins when you contact us we dedicate hours to working out how we can best serve you our clients, because your photographs should be a true representation of your day, so we work through details, times number of guests, which packages you would like etc, then on the day its a good 10-12 hours on our feet because we document every detail, every moment as it unfolds. Afterwards we dedicate a lot of time to processing and delivering your photographs in the way you have chosen, so be it digital photographs, or be it in a printed album all of which has to be designed detail by detail to provide you with the luxury service you truly deserve.

So what does this all mean? it means I personally love my job, I love working with you! I dedicate many hours to making sure that you get everything you want and more, I will go the extra mile dig deep into an extensive library of knowledge and invest everything I have money, time and thought into achieving the very best for you! with wedding photography there are no second chances no chance of a retry so when hiring a wedding photographer it is only sensible to hire someone who will go to any length and have the experience required to help things go smoothly and produce photographs you can be proud of so do I regret or begrudge any of this time or cost? nope not a single second!

Long after wedding cakes are eaten, guests and family have gone home, your venue has been hired for the day and flowers have wilted aside from memories and each other the one thing that is left are your wedding photographs! they like your vows like your feelings for each other last forever!

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