Terms and Conditions

The terribly boring yet necessary page full of legally required mumbo jumbo 

Data storage


So as of the 25th of May 2018 all websites and businesses must comply with GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation ) so it is my duty to write a bunch of things here that tell you all about it and what it means for you and me too... so here goes..

I have a duty to tell you about any information that I as business collect about you, so when you sign up for email newsletters or enter your email address to make contact it is my duty to tell you that I store that information.

From now on you don't have to opt out of marketing or promotions or any such things you have to opt in, so all contracts will include a little bit of blurb about how I store images ( Multiple hard disk drives as well as securely on the cloud) but also how images may be used ( advertising and promotions which are kind of required for me to secure further work and produce even more lovely photographs) of course there is always the option to amend contracts and opt out of these things.

You can always request that any personal information is deleted or even request copies should you wish.



We creatives have this wonderful thing called copyright, this basically is meant to stop people pinching off with our hard work ( photographs ) so while you pay to render our services we the creatives retain copyright over our images ( this can vary from job to job as commercial work etc works a little differently with licensing etc ) .

Copyright extends to things such as altering our work, so should you download a photo we have worked really hard to create and then slap an awful Instagram filter over it that constitutes breaching copyright ( I won't go mad over it but I will likely ask politely if you could refrain ) 

Print Releases

Print releases are wonderful things , it's a little letter that if requested can come with your wedding photography package that allows you to pop off to your local print shop and print photos to your hearts content.

Slight side note of I am only able to guaranty the quality of prints that have been purchased from myself and not those bought from third parties as I can't control the quality of other people's work.